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You Can Draw Anything    by Kim Gamble order for
You Can Draw Anything
by Kim Gamble
Order:  USA  Can
Allen & Unwin, 2012 (2012)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Sharpen a pencil, grab some paper, open this book and you are on your way to becoming an artist. With Kim Gamble's assistance and the instructions he provides, youngsters who are interested in drawing will learn the fundamentals of transforming the simplest of shapes and lines into recognizable objects like animals.

Follow the illustrations in the book and you'll turn two circles and some letters (J, C, A, and R) into a cool dinosaur. Then move on to using a set of circles and straight lines to draw a tiger's face.

Next you'll discover how to tackle more challenging creatures, like an elephant or kangaroo, by creating a grid by folding paper, and then using it to draw the animal.

As you move through this guide, the basic techniques for creating facial expressions, various types of body shapes, and action figures will be explained. More advanced lessons like perspective and shading follow.

Kim Gamble's hands-on approach demands the young artist be patient and willing to keep practicing to master the techniques he explains. But if the youngster is motivated, this guide will certainly get the individual moving in the correct direction.

The appropriate age for use depends on the person. Probably, in most instances, the upper elementary grades or middle school would be about the right time to begin.

On the other hand, teenagers and adults will also find this guide very intriguing and will probably be able to execute the suggested assignments with relative ease. Given the low price and straightforward instructions, You Can Draw Anything is an ideal entry level drawing guide.

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