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The Secret History of Hobgoblins    by Ari Berk order for
Secret History of Hobgoblins
by Ari Berk
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

They go by many names Boggarts, Brownies, Gallybeggars, Kows, and Pixies but no matter how you want to address them, hobgoblins have been part of folklore and ancient tales for a very, long, long time.

In this little volume with gatefolds, fold outs and flip up sections, Professor Ari Berk shares his vast knowledge of these usually benevolent creatures. Yes, I did say benevolent! Don't confuse hobgoblins with their wicked alter egos goblins.

This richly illustrated book reveals the proper etiquette you'll wish to follow for interacting with these creatures as well as where you are most apt to find them (crawl spaces, behind curtains and in the shadows).

Not only does evidence of the existence of hobgoblins date back to the Neolithic period and Roman times, but the Weavers of Fate still work their magic today. As the erudite professor explains, 'While most hobgoblins watch over dwelling places, a special few guard the fate and futures of their human neighbors. These are the Weavers of Destiny, the Fateful Folks. If treated with dignity and respect, they might bless any communal work, or grant advice to humans poised between one part of their lives and the next.'

This history of the humble hobgoblin is a fun book that readers eight and older will no doubt enjoy. Actually, I believe many adults might be interested in it as well.

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