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Who Lives Here?: Flip the Flap and Find Out    by Nicola Davies & Marc Boutavant order for
Who Lives Here?
by Nicola Davies
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Lift the flap and discover what creature is hidden behind it. In each two page spread of this book the youngster is shown a special habitat and then given a choice of four creatures and asked to decide which one 'lives here?'

For example, 'Who lives in this warm steamy jungle?' Look behind the flaps and you'll find a snow goose, a goldfish, a sloth and a cheetah. The inside of the flap will explain why all but one of the animals would not call the jungle, home. The cheetah likes a grassy and dry place where he can run and the goose prefers cold and snowy places. On the other hand, the sloth finds the jungle, with all its trees, much to his liking! The following page then explains why this animal is so at home in the jungle.

Other habitats include a pond, grassland, a coral reef, and the North Pole. The inside cover at the back of this attractive picture book for children three and older pictures many animals featured and asks, 'Who lives with who?'

The jackal, gazelle, meerkat and cheetah all share the same habitat. The color coded backgrounds will help match the critters up correctly and the answers are also included at the bottom of the page (upside down and in very small print so you can't cheat!!)

It's a fun, animal picture book that fully engages the youngster. I think you'll discover your child will enjoy flipping the flaps to see what surprise is hidden behind each one! Take this opportunity to talk a little bit about different homes or environments and how different creatures must live in different places.

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