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Keeping Secrets: Sadie's Montana    by Linda Byler order for
Keeping Secrets
by Linda Byler
Order:  USA  Can
Good Books, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Linda Byler's spirited Amish heroine, Sadie Miller, is back in Keeping Secrets, the second installment of Sadie's Montana. Sadie is still having issues with the handsome and mysterious Mark, and there is a cute new guy on the scene (Daniel from Lancaster, Pennsylvania), but Sadie has bigger problems right now than finding the right man to marry.

Horses all around her are being shot for sport, including her brother's horse, Cody. Sadie, determined to bring the horse killers to justice, will do whatever she can to keep her beloved Paris safe. But the horse slayings are not the only troubling things in Sadie's life. Two children have been unexplicably left on the doorstep of the Aspen East Ranch. And, while Sadie's mother is recovering nicely from her depression with the help of medication, her youngest sister, Anna, is possibly bulimic. Sadie has so much to deal with, that her love life might just have to move to the back burner for a while.

With each novel, Byler's writing gets stronger. Sadie is a wonderful, spirited young woman to whom young adults, Amish or English, can easily relate. Her adventures are exciting yet realistic, and Byler really keeps the story moving. Story threads still get dropped here and there, but do get picked up later although sometimes so far along that they are almost forgotten. Still, Keeping Secrets offers a wonderful look at Amish life with a good dose of sweet romance.

Linda Byler has created a very memorable character in Sadie Miller. Fortunately, her adventures continue in the third book in the series, The Disappearances.

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