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Hello! Hello!    by Matthew Cordell order for
Hello! Hello!
by Matthew Cordell
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Finally someone has created a picture book that focuses on the problem of too much TECHNOLOGY!

'Zap, beep, pow! Game over! No signal!' This is the way you are introduced to the little, redheaded girl wearing a blue dress in this book. Her Captain Cosmos handheld game has pooped out! Poor kid, what's she going to do now?

First she says 'Hello!' to her mother who is working on her laptop. No response. Then she tries her dad who is fiddling around with some handheld contraption. No answer!

Since the girl's brother is also totally engaged with his handheld game, she sighs and then decides to go outside. 'Hello ... leaf!', says. 'Hello, bug. Hello, flower. HELLO, WORLD!'

And so it goes. When the redhead finds a horse and the horse greets her back, the fun really begins. Off they go together on a marvelous romp through the fields until 'Ring, ring, ring!' It is the child's cell phone. Her parents want her back home immediately.

What happens next is not really a big surprise, but I'll let you discover what it is for yourself. If you are a luddite like me (no cell phone, no laptop, no answering machine), you'll love this book and will probably mutter, 'It's about time someone did a kids' book like this!' Even if you can't go out the door without your electronic gear attached to your person, this book will make you pause and think (I hope) ... and that's a good thing!

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