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What in God's Name    by Simon Rich order for
What in God's Name
by Simon Rich
Order:  USA  Can
Reagan Arthur, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

If you enjoy quirky, humorous novels, you'll want to find a copy of this new release. The CEO of Heaven, Inc. (yes, that would be God!) has been spending more time on his golf game and less on overseeing the Heavenly Host and keeping tabs on the mortals below.

To complicate matters, God has decided to retire and open a restaurant. He's also decided that he'll destroy Earth unless two members of the Department of Miracles, Craig and Eliza, can pull off what appears to be an impossible feat before the scheduled Armageddon.

These two angels' challenge is to somehow make the two most socially awkward people on the planet fall in love. When Craig sees what their task is, he bangs his desk in frustration and says, 'Love miracles are impossible. I've tried them they never work. You can't make two humans fall in love with each other. Too many variables.'

Although he has serious misgivings, Craig agrees to work with his fellow angel to try to get the two humans together. With only a month to get the task completed the pressure is on. To make it more interesting, God insists that to void the decision to destroy Earth, the couple, Sam and Laura, will have to kiss.

Of course what follows next is to somehow get the two lovebirds together. Naturally, they will ignore every opportunity that Craig and Eliza create to move towards accomplishing this feat. In desperation, the angelic duo calls in some assistance from a rather pragmatic Archangel named Vince.

Vince's ability to think outside the box, coupled with his penchant for creating melodramatic and ridiculous situations to accomplish his goals, make for some interesting situations as the days dwindle away and the targeted couple don't seem to be getting any closer to launching a romance.

They take it right down to the final seconds, but somehow Craig and Eliza, with Vince's assistance, manage to pull off the miracle of all miracles. From start to finish you'll be totally captivated by this novel. Be forewarned, though Craig and Eliza may be angels but they cuss like Marines and their actions often make you wonder how they ever reached their exalted positions.

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