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Icky Sticky Monster    by Jo Lodge order for
Icky Sticky Monster
by Jo Lodge
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2012 (2012)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

This novelty picture book is totally disgusting and gross. Of course, that means children three and older will probably love it! At least that is what the author, Jo Lodge, is banking upon.

Icky Sticky Monster loves to do yucky things. For example, he hides in the toilet and, since this is a pop-up book, when you pull back the lid - 'Boo!', out he jumps! The Icky Sticky Monster also loves to poke his finger in his nose and pull out some snotty goo. And, if that's not gross enough, he also thinks going through a trash bin to find lunch is really a clever idea. Boy, does he love those gloopy treats and moldy things!

Had enough? No? Well, when this disgusting fellow is thirsty he 'guzzles down a jug of stinky, wormy cabbage juice with added chunks of slug'! Phew, that's really, totally, super yucky!

The biggest surprise of all comes at the end of this book when Icky Sticky Monster shyly seeks a kiss from the reader. You may respond, 'I DONíT THINK SO!', but your little monster might not mind at all!

The pop-up parts of this book are pretty cool and, naturally, they complement the antics of this unusual and rather hilarious character who is rather loveable in spite of his less than savory habits.

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