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Toads on Toast    by Linda Bailey & Colin Jack order for
Toads on Toast
by Linda Bailey
Order:  USA  Can
Kids Can, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Fox's diet consists of toads, toads and more toads. When he learns that tender young toads taste better than full grown toads, he is determined to catch as many as he can. He finds that catching the little creatures is hard work. Toadlets are fast.

Finally his bag is full. Hungry and tired, he sets out for home. Before he can decide how to cook the toadlets, Mamma Toad rockets through his window. She can't allow him to eat her babies. She even offers herself as a replacement.

When that fails, she tells the fox that his recipe just won't work for her babies. He tries to find other recipes in the Toad Cookbook, but Mamma comes up with reasons not to use any of them.

While Mamma tries to come up with a recipe to save her babies, her babies run wild in Fox's kitchen. She finally comes up with a recipe called Toad-in-a Hole, which despite its name, doesn't use toads at all. Fox is pleased with the recipe and it becomes a favorite in the Fox family. It is later passed down to the next generation of foxes. Mama Toad's secret recipe is included at the end of the book so readers can try her Toad-in-a Hole too.

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