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The Girl With the Silver Eyes    by Willo Davis Roberts order for
Girl With the Silver Eyes
by Willo Davis Roberts
Order:  USA  Can
Aladdin, 2011 (1980)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Katie has always been different. Her face lacks expression and she has weird silver eyes. The combination is upsetting to others, although she doesn't understand why. She also has certain skills such as being able to move objects with her mind, but she tries not to do that where someone might notice.

When she is barely four she is sent to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother takes care of her out of duty, rather than love. She too finds Katie strange. Katie is almost nine when her mother comes for her. She has rarely visited, so by that time Katie calls her Monica instead of mother.

When someone begins asking questions about Katie's peculiarities, Katie is afraid she'll be locked up and she isn't sure her mother won't be glad. Anyone would like to have Katie's abilities, but Davis shows that even special gifts might be misunderstood. Nine year-old Katie learns this at an early age, but sometimes it's difficult not to do something that comes so naturally to her.

This is a fantastic plot concept. The writing is clear and Katie is engaging and childlike. The book was first published in 1980, but children today will still be drawn to the story. It was reissued in 2011. Willo Davis Roberts received numerous awards for YA and middle grade fiction. She died in 2004, leaving a striking legacy of suspenseful mysteries for fans of all ages.

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