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Fated: Soul Seekers #1    by Alyson Noel order for
by Alyson Noel
Order:  USA  Can
Griffin, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Daire Santos is on the road with her Mom, Jennika, a Hollywood make up artist. Daire has been all over the world, but always in the background. She has met stars, and even kissed a few - and one she ended up literally tearing apart. Daire has just turned sixteen and has been having visions - of strange glowing people, decapitated bodies, and ravens. She has had a nervous breakdown. Her mother decides to take her to Enchantment, New Mexico where her grandmother resides - a grandmother Daire has never met.

Her grandmother gets Daire's visions under control with natural herbs and explains that she is a Seeker - one who can navigate between the lower, middle and upper worlds. Daire also has a teacher, in the form of a raven, to help and guide her throughout her training. In one of her visions, Daire meets a boy named Dace and is not sure if she can trust him. Is he the one she must destroy? Or is he her fated one true love as she wants to believe?

I believe this is the next YA paranormal series that will make it big. Alyson Noel has taken a different approach with her characters that keeps the reader wanting more. She touches base with what a teenager must go through when they are a bit different from the norm and trying to settle into a very strange lifestyle. She is very descriptive and precise with all that she writes. I am already looking forward to the next installment.

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