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Rhino? What Rhino?    by Caryl Hart & Sarah Horne order for
Rhino? What Rhino?
by Caryl Hart
Order:  USA  Can
Trafalgar Square, 2012 (2010)
Hardcover, Softcover
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

It's certainly no fun being locked in a cage all the time so Rhino decided it was time to squeeze through the bars and escape. He tiptoed past the slumbering guards and was on his way. But when he reached a small farm the fugitive decided he needed a little sustenance, so he helped himself to the farmer's dinner.

Accusing his pig of snatching the food, Mr. Potts said, 'My dinner has vanished. My pudding's gone too. No one else has come by so it must have been YOU!'

Of course the pig blames the true culprit, Rhino, but the farmer will have none of it. 'Rhino? WHAT RHINO? That cannot be true. There's only one rhino and he's in the zoo.'

Well, this scene is repeated a number of times as Rhino helps himself to more goodies and the local animals get the blame. Then the animals band together to teach Rhino a lesson.

Naturally I'm not going to explain what they do, you'll have to read the story, but rest assured the wayward rhino does mend his wayward ways and everything ends happily.

Bold, colorful illustrations make this humorous picture book and its silly central character a pleasure to read. Youngsters three years of age and up will have fun following Rhino's misadventures, plus they'll also learn that it's not a good idea to take things that belong to others!

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