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Truth Be Told
by Larry King
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Weinstein, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Carrol Wolverton

Larry, Larry, we've all been there or will be. You have had the blessing of having your career span decades. Your era is gone for better or worse. You lament the passing of fair journalism and the advent of its tabloid replacement. You were told you could remain as long as you want. You believed this? You also believed in Bernie Madoff, seven different women, and eight marriages.

Larry's book will not appeal to everyone, particularly not to the younger generations. Many readers will not know or care that Pat Boone would not kiss Shirley Jones in a movie because she was married to another man. What they may not know is that Pat was also the first person fined by the FCC for making false advertising claims on television. Knowledge of this type makes the book interesting. Larry has the experience and character to ask those additional questions. Pat apologized profusely and publicly. Larry makes sure readers know that as well. That's Larry.

Larry reminds us that cable networks are not bound by the same rules as the major networks because they broadcast via cable and not airwaves. This changed the game. He believes that some topics are best left private. Too many modern journalists do not agree. He laments the lack of respect for interviewees. When someone ranted against a guest on his show, Larry made sure the guest got equal time to respond. Equal time doesn't sell or garner ratings. Hype and controversy does.

Who would he like to interview that he hasn't? Bernie Madoff. Larry was among those cheated. He wants to ask him why on several counts. He marvels in the fact that Madoff had no problem cheating him but turned down his brother as a client. This fact is an example of what makes the book interesting. There is always more than what we know or what appears in the press or on television. Larry finds it.

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