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Last Rite
by Lisa Desrochers
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, CD, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Last Rite follows Personal Demons and Original Sin as the conclusion to Lisa Desrochers' engaging YA paranormal trilogy, starring Frannie Cavanaugh, torn between unrequited love for two hot celestial beings, an angel (Gabe) and a demon (Luc).

In earlier episodes, Frannie (who discovered that she had a powerful ability to influence others) solved part of her dilemma by Swaying the demon (Luc Cain) into human form, tagged for Heaven. Unfortunately that has also taken away Luc's power to protect her, so now he tries to make Frannie hate him, so that he can regain those powers, uncaring what it will cost him.

As Last Rite opens, Frannie is still devastated and guilt-ridden over the death of her friend Taylor. She's also shattered that her dead brother Matt (assigned to be her Guardian Angel by Gabe) fell for Lilith and so lost his wings and ended up in Hell. And now Gabe fears that he will give into his growing feelings for Frannie and lose his own wings. Complicating matters is an ongoing rebellion in Hell and Lucifer's personal plans for Frannie. Oh yes, and Frannie's having visions of her own death - and her visions always come true.

After relocating with Luc and Gabe to a beach cottage, Frannie practices her Sway - and her martial arts - both will be needed soon. And she meets another beautiful boy with astonishing green eyes - he gives her a powerful pendant. Tension builds as Frannie's final confrontation with evil looms closer, Gabe's powers diminish, and we learn more of our heroine's ancestry. Can she really make a deal with Lucifer?

You'll have to read Last Rite to find out, but Frannie's ultimate fate is one that not even she expected - and the author leaves plenty of room for series spin-offs starring other members of the talented Cavanaugh family.

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