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Shadow Moon: Moonstone #4    by Marilee Brothers order for
Shadow Moon
by Marilee Brothers
Order:  USA  Can
Bell Bridge, 2011 (2011)
* * *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Marilee Brothers' Shadow Moon follows Moonstone, Moonrise and MoonSpun as the fourth in this paranormal YA series, starring teen Allie Emerson, who lives with her Mom, Faye, in a trailer on her uncles' farm.

Allie seems a typical fifteen year old teen, full of insecurities, touches of attitude, and interest in boys. She attends high school in Peacock Flats, Washington, is picked on, and has her own clique of misfit friends. Sounds pretty normal? Only Allie finds out accidentally that she isn't so normal after all. Facing her uncles' bull Blaster ready to charge, she not only bumps her head, but inadvertently shoots power that sends the bull backwards until she reaches safety. Next, a hippy-like guardian angel offers advice. Life will never be the same for Allie.

Allie learns that she is part of a prophecy involving a moonstone pendant given to her by her friend Kizzy - it can only be wielded by someone with a strong mind. That just happens to be Allie. She also discovers that her family is not what it seems to be; every day a new secret is revealed and more questions arise. And, through the series episodes, she garners an abundance of boyfriends - a sexy ex-gang member, half demon boy and a faery guy who turns into a hawk.

Allie's mission is to save the world from the trimarks who want to misuse the moonstone - she's embarked on an adventure like no other, danger lurking at every turn. I recommend this series to adults as well as teens - it has tons of humor, great dialogue and an awesome story. I look forward to more of Allie's adventures and enjoy her quirky way of dealing with things. This is an author to watch.

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