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More Like Her    by Liza Palmer order for
More Like Her
by Liza Palmer
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Kelly Thunstrom

We never truly know what another person is going through in their personal life. No matter how much we may envy their beauty, gorgeous house, and fancy job, everyone has secrets. This is the message of Liza Palmer's More Like Her, a sometimes frustrating blend of banal chick lit and outright horror.

The story revolves around Frannie, a thirty-something speech therapist, working in an elementary school with her best friends, Jill and Lisa. Frannie has just been dumped by Ryan, also a teacher at the same school. When the school year begins, Emma, the new headmistress, seems to have it all ... looks, brains, a cushy job. All Frannie can do is rethink everything in her life and bemoan the fact that no one will ever love her.

The first part of More Like Her features endless monologues by Frannie, both internal in her head and external to her friends. Jill tries to set her up, throwing parties with guys Frannie would love to forget. When she meets Sam, she thinks she may have found someone different, but soon Sam acts just like all the others. Things take a tragic turn when a life-changing event occurs, making Frannie realize that you never truly know another person unless they let you in.

This novel definitely gets better when the horrific event occurs; however, Frannie's monologues weigh More Like Her down. More action and less talking would probably make things more interesting. I was hoping in the last few pages that Palmer would not end it in the predictable way that she did. The best stories are not always wrapped up in a nice, neat package with a red bow.

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