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Goodnight, Dragons    by Judith Roth & Pascal Lemaitre order for
Goodnight, Dragons
by Judith Roth
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

I am going to tame some dragons today. First, I gather my tools, pack up my traps and fine tune my bag of tricks and then head for the forest. Then I hear a roar and smell something that reminds me of burnt toast. I think there are dragons about!

Then 'they drop from the sky like huge, grouchy bats, blowing fast flames that crisp the tree edges'. Yup, we've got some dragons here! So, what do I do next? 'I wrap them in blankets, soft as morning mist, soft as summer flowers, soft as feathered nests.'

Then I settle them down and make them a 'sleepy-time treat. Drop in the chocolate. Add milk and a flame. Stir up together ... hot chocolate is born'.

Once they gulp down the hot chocolate it's nap time and my dragons snuggle down under their blankets for a little snooze. 'Goodnight, dragons!'

Now, that's the way to handle dragons! I think you'll like this story when you see how simple it is to deal with these scary creatures. They really are quite nice if you treat them right and give them a little love! So, if you have to deal with dragons that live near your neighborhood, follow my advice and everything will turn out OK!

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