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Destined: House of Night #9    by P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast order for
by P. C. Cast
Order:  USA  Can
Griffin, 2013 (2011)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Destined is the ninth episode in the House of Night series (by mother and daughter team, P. C. and Kristin cast) that began with Marked and emphasizes the powers of free will and of love. Zoey Redbird is a vampyre fledgling (one of a society of relatively benign vampires) studying at the House of Night in Tulsa. Zoey has an affinity for all five elements, and is beloved of the Goddess Nyx. Over time she has grown to lead - and depend on - a Circle of talented fellow students. It's good that she has them as they're up against High Priestess Neferet, who has allied with Darkness, though this is not generally known.

As Destined opens, Zoey is paired with her Guardian Warrior Stark, and her BFF Stevie Rae with Rephaim, a son of Kalona (once Neferet's consort) who has won Nyx's forgiveness. Now Rephaim is a bird by day and a boy by night. Zoey has had a true dream of her mother's murder and seeks to understand how it happened. Her Cherokee grandmother plans a cleansing ritual at her lavender farm. Neferet hires humans to work in the House of Night, hoping to sow chaos. And she has made a sacrifice to obtain a weapon, a boy she names Aurox, whose shadow is a bull. Oddly, Aurox feels a pull towards Zoey, who senses something familiar in him too.

Zoey and her nerd herd resume classes at the House of Night, dealing with the general hostility towards Rephaim. Erik Marks a blind girl, Shaylin, who then sees more clearly than most people do. Thanatos shows up from the High Council to investigate Neferet, and tells Zoey it is her 'fate to stand in the Light and lead the battle against evil.' And Aphrodite dreams of the loss of someone close to them. It all comes to a head at a reveal ritual led by Thanatos to uncover the truth of the death of Zoe's mother. Neferet sends a killer but free will plays its part and much is revealed.

A great deal has changed by the end of Destined and there's quite a fight ahead for Zoe and her friends. P. C. and Kristin Cast keep their saga moving fast in this ninth in the convoluted series, while continuing to develop characters. The House of Night series is not one that can be picked up midstream as there's a lot going on - start at the beginning and read the episodes in order. They're worth it.

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