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The Can Opener Gourmet    by Laura Karr order for
Can Opener Gourmet
by Laura Karr
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2002
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

The Can Opener Gourmet contains 'More than 200 Quick and Delicious Recipes Using Ingredients Already in Your Pantry'. We all love to cook gorgeous meals with fresh, fresh ingredients. But that's not always possible or practical. This cookbook will give you new and mouthwatering ideas for the majority of your meals - that are cooked quickly and with a minimum of effort.

Be sure to read the 'Getting Started' section of this book. The 'things you didn't know about canned foods' may change your bias against them. Pages 15 to 249 are filled with really great recipes from Starters, Salads and Soups right through to Desserts and Drinks. The Can Opener Gourmet will dazzle you with innovative ideas for good, healthy food. At the beginning of each recipe, on the top of the page, is an icon of one, two or three can openers to denote the degree of difficulty of the dish. Another icon lets you know what utensils will be needed. How convenient can a recipe be?

The Baked Artichoke Dip (one can opener and a food processor) beckons me into my kitchen, as does the Crab Salad with Lemony Vinaigrette (one can opener and a salad bowl!) Salmon being a favorite of mine, Baked Salmon with White Wine and Parmesan (two can openers and a salad bowl) will grace my table soon. New Potatoes with Rosemary-Herb Butter (two can openers and a skillet) would go well with the salmon. And I think I'll do the Carrots Glazed in Ginger-Lime Butter (one can opener and another skillet) to finish my plate. Peach Crisp (one can opener and a baking pan) would suit me well for dessert. Maybe a Café Vienna (one can opener and a coffee maker) for that after dinner discussion around the table?

Find your own favorites or use the menu suggestions towards the back of the book. You'll also find some advice there for stocking your pantry. This is a truly nice cookbook, one that will make me take second and third looks at the canned food aisles in my grocery store.

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