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The Mother Daughter Show    by Natalie Wexler order for
Mother Daughter Show
by Natalie Wexler
Order:  USA  Can
Fuze Publishing LLC, 2011 (2011)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

The Mother Daughter Show by Natalie Wexler has been touted as a parody of a real life girls' private school and presents the goings on when the Mother Daughter show is to be presented by the senior class mothers for the edification of the senior girls. I didn't find it a parody. I thought of it as real life with the characters having made up names.

But, however one looks at it, the book is easy to get caught up in; to take umbrage at some of the mothers who find it necessary to wield control; to feel sympathy for those who take putdowns without a murmur; and to raise hurrahs when one mother finds herself, as well as a new career.

Amanda Marchetti runs her house with no trouble. Maybe that's the problem. She wants more to do. Something productive of which she can be proud. Her friend, Susan Logan, has a job, runs her household and takes control whenever she thinks it necessary. Because of the Mother Daughter Show, tempers flare between the two. Their daughters, though, are close friends.

Barb Atkins is trying to take charge of the production and finding it difficult with so many different personalities. She tries to ignore her husband's marital transgressions. Hard to do, but better than the chaos that would ensue if she called him on it. Her daughter recognizes his infidelity.

Throw in a case of bulimia and a hidden songwriting talent that had been suppressed for years. What can go right? The Mother Daughter Show is a true delight. We are treated to three distinctly different personalities who are trying to work together. Can the show be successful? Can the friends mend the rift? Will all the daughters appreciate just what their mothers have accomplished? Will the girls recognize themselves while watching the various numbers in the show? Will you enjoy The Mothers and Daughters Show? You betcha.

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