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Triple Shot
by Sandra Blazon
Order:  USA  Can
Severn House, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

With Triple Shot, author Sandra Balzo brings us the seventh of her Maggie Thorsen mystery series. Maggie and her real estate maven/best friend Sarah Kingston have opened a coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds, in Brookhills, Wisconsin, in the town's historic train station.

Things go well until they notice a rank stench filtering into their shop. The overpowering smell, which seems to be coming from below their business, certainly won't be conducive to selling fragrant coffees.

Investigating, they discover a small room where it is rumored Mafia members used to hide until the train they wanted to take would reach the station. Unfortunately, instead of a member of the mob, they find a rival real estate agent murdered!

A television personality, hoping to revive his fading career, arrives in town planning to do a story on alleged heist money that was never found. He wants to do a live broadcast and pinpoint where he believes the money is stashed. Several more realtors bite the dust.

This was a quick read that delighted me. I like Maggie's character. I guess I'd call her plucky if that weren't such a passť term. The dialogue sparkled and the plot took unexpected turns that all led up to a very satisfying conclusion.

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