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Hocus Pocus    by Sylvie Desrosiers & Remy Simard order for
Hocus Pocus
by Sylvie Desrosiers
Order:  USA  Can
Kids Can, 2011 (2011)

* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

A magician lives with his pet dog and a kooky little rabbit who avoids the dog at all costs. Unless he stands between her and a carrot.

One day, Hocus Pocus the rabbit pops out of the hat where she lives and sees the dog napping while the magician listens to music through earphones. It looks like a perfect time to slip into the kitchen and grab a carrot. To do this, she must get past the sleeping dog.

Her antics include donning slippers and trying to tiptoe past the dog, sneaking past by hiding under the magician's hat, and playing the violin to put him back to sleep when he wakes. When that doesn't work, a noisy chase begins that eventually attracts the attention of the magician.

Hocus Pocus is illustrated with cartoon-like drawings. Like a cartoon, this book is wordless, except for occasional crashes and animal noises. The weak little bunny manages to outsmart the grumpy old dog and the poor dog takes the blame for the mess left behind.

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