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Monster Slayers
by Lukas Ritter
Order:  USA  Can
Mirrorstone, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

In this action packed novel for young readers eight years of age and older, two boys and a female elf-wizard fight to save the villagers of Hesiod who have been kidnapped by flesh-eating gnolls.

Ever since he was little, Evin always dreamed of being a hero one day and now he's about to get his wish. With his friend Jorick and a young elf wizard named Betilivatis, Evin is ready to take on some mighty nasty monsters. Using an ancient guidebook of magical beasts, Evin treks through ancient ruins and faces all sorts of strange and terrible creatures on his quest to rescue his family.

Along the way Evin and his friends will face a three-headed chimera, a fearsome ormyrr and a deadly lich. Also, with Betilivatis reporting the duo's every move to a mysterious someone, it appears there's a hidden force controlling the monsters and drawing the friends into a situation they might not be able to extricate themselves from.

Will this quest to save Evin's family end in disaster? Probably not but there's going to be plenty of excitement, danger and clever escapes before they reach their goal.

Those familiar with Dungeons & Dragons will recognize many of the monsters in this story and they'll have a ringside seat to watch their defeat.

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