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The Starving Students' Cookbook: The Classic Guide for the Clueless Gourmet!    by Dede Hall order for
Starving Students' Cookbook
by Dede Hall
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2002 (2002)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Your little girl going off to - gasp - college as a freshman? Your big strapping son heading out full of confidence for his senior year? Worried about what they'll eat now that they'll be away from your well-balanced meals? The Starving Students' Cookbook is the perfect last minute item to tuck in your departing student's luggage. It abounds with 'recipes so simple you can't screw them up'; 'Dozens of drinks, snacks and entire meals in less than fifteen minutes.'

Worried about cost? These recipes fill students' empty stomachs with a minimum of cost. If they have access to a kitchen, they can eat well, spend little and have a modicum of clean up after their meals. From 'The Eating Right Pyramid', through recipes for a myriad of choices - such as 'Vegetarian Main Meals' and 'Chicken & Turkeys' entrees - right down to 'Desserts and Drinks', this cookbook will see your student through four years of college and even on to grad school.

Excellent 'Handy Hints' are sprinkled through the book, such as: 'When a recipe calls for bread crumb toppings, try using ready-to-eat flaked cereal instead' or 'Recrisp soggy refrigerated fried chicken, uncovered, in a hot 400 degree oven.' The recipes are imaginatively named but not cutesy. 'Cheap Roast', 'Cheatin' Chili', 'Big D Salsa' and 'EZ Cheese Sauce' are a few. Each comes with a list of ingredients, the steps required to produce the dish, the utensils needed and suggestions for serving.

Going through The Starving Students' Cookbook recipe by recipe, I found too many that intrigued me to list here. Let this be an adventure in discovery for you and your student. It's a wonderfully useful book for a nominal price. When you do give it to that budding lawyer, doctor, or computer expert, buy another immediately for the cookbook shelf in your own kitchen.

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