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Lost in Time: A Blue Bloods Novel    by Melissa de la Cruz order for
Lost in Time
by Melissa de la Cruz
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Elizabeth Crowley

In her latest installment of the Blue Bloods series, Melissa de la Cruz turns up the heat by taking readers into the fiery dangers of the underworld. Mimi Force and her human conduit, Oliver, travel to hell in order to attempt to rescue Kingsley Martin, the love of Mimi's life. Mimi will pay any price and sacrifice anything to get Kingsley back. Mimi was advised on how to save Kingsley by Ingrid Beauchamp, whom readers will remember from Witches of East End. Mimi arrives in hell ready to bargain with Helda who runs the place, but Mimi's journey has some unexpected surprises.

Schuyler Van Allen and Jack Force travel to Egypt in order to find the elusive Catherine of Siena, who is rumored to know the location of the gates of hell. The covens of New York and around the world are being attacked and forced to go underground. Jack and Schuyler are determined to find the gates and stop the evil which threatens to destroy the future of the covens. Schuyler and Jack's quest for Catherine of Siena will be long and dangerous. Their search eventually takes them to hell, where Jack will face his twin, Mimi Force. The two will be forced to do battle, and only one can survive.

Allegra Van Allen and her twin, Charles, prepare to renew their bond, but Allegra is torn when she crosses paths with her human conduit, Ben. Although Allegra knows she has been Charles' twin since the beginning of time, she has never forgotten her unexpected love for Ben. Allegra will be forced to make a painful choice between two men she loves. But it is only after she makes her choice that Allegra discovers the cruel consequences of her decision.

I found myself a little more invested in the romantic relationships in this novel than in the Blue Bloods' trip to hell. Allegra's choice between Ben and Charles was one of the best parts of Lost in Time. The love triangle without a doubt offered some of the best writing in the Blue Bloods series. It's full of romance and angst, so that readers will find themselves in heaven while the rest of the Blue Bloods travel around hell!

Melissa de la Cruz's bold decision to incorporate a trip to hell into the series makes for a devilish treat for Blue Bloods' fans. Mimi, Oliver, Jack, and Schuyler meet all kinds of demonic creatures which make for some entertaining reading. Melissa de la Cruz makes hell look as glamorous and sexy as her characters!

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