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101 Ways to Become a Superhero: ... Or an Evil Genius    by Richard Horne & Helen Szirtes order for
101 Ways to Become a Superhero
by Richard Horne
Order:  USA  Can
Walker, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

'Since you have a copy of this book in your hands, you must have sensed your potential for greatness, or someone else has seen it in you and is giving you the nudge you need to develop those extraordinary abilities.'

You have to love the way this book opens. Once you move beyond this first page you'll be immersed in a series of transformational exercises or worksheets that will start you on your way to superherodom.

The authors of this intriguing and fun primer for superheroes will show you how to develop your stealth and telepathy, identify your nemesis, choose the right outfit and select the perfect sidekick.

If you wish to plumb your dark side, there are some suggestions on how to elicit fear and loathing from your peers as well. Some of the outlandish and fun things I uncovered in this volume included the sections on how to Decipher Devious Riddles, Pigeon Whispering, Hone Your Moral Compass and Devise an Exit Plan.

Intended for ages twelve and older, this is a book that will also amuse the perennially young at heart who have never outgrown playing with Legos and watching Saturday morning cartoons. Actually, it is a lot of fun, but, if you are a parent, do heed the warning at the book's outset: 'For some of the activities you will need the supervision of a superadult. If in doubt, consult an adult anyway.'

Also, remember the warning that, 'The authors and publisher accept no responsibility for any accidents that occur as a result of using this book.' I have to admit that does sound a little dubious, but it isn't a major concern.

The only real downside to this book is that the exercise pages are printed in very light print (perhaps to discourage photocopying) and thus they can sometimes be nearly impossible to read! Otherwise, it is lots of fun.

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