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Monster Hunt: Exploring Mysterious Creatures    by Jim Arnosky order for
Monster Hunt
by Jim Arnosky
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Young readers, especially boys, seem to be fascinated by mysterious creatures that are said to inhabit various parts of the earth. Many books have been written about where these legendary creatures live, what they may look like and why they have defied capture.

In this picture book for youngsters seven years of age and older, naturalist Jim Arnosky looks at some of the more famous of these supposed monsters, some of which might date back to prehistoric times. First he discusses giant sharks, including the charcharodon which reputedly grew to fifty feet in length and is thought to have gone extinct at least 13,000 years ago.

Then it is on to another denizen of the deep, the giant squid, before he returns to land for the Komodo dragon and stories about a fabled ape - like creatures called Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Skunk Ape or the Grassman.

No book like this would be complete without a chapter on Scotland's Loch Ness Monster and Arnosky doesn't disappoint his reader on this account. After discussing Nessie, he then finishes with another lake dwelling monster, the Lake Champlain Monster or Champ.

A combination of folklore, natural history and field research, this nicely illustrated volume will delight any youngster, male or female, who is curious about some of the mysterious creatures who once did or still do inhabit the planet.

'The science of studying reports of unknown animals is called cryptozoology,' writes Arnosky. 'Cryptozoologists make it their business to wonder about and try to discover the truth behind these mysteries. The idea of finding a species of animal thought to have been extinct, or discovering a brand-new animal unknown to science, appeals to my sense of adventure.'

If you think that this sounds appealing and that your child would like to read about this scientific endeavor this is a book you'll want to purchase.

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