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Pariah: Issue 1    by Aron Warner order for
by Aron Warner
Order:  USA  Can
Sea Lion, 2011 (2011)
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Pariah is definitely one top-notch modern sci-fi comic. The protagonist, Brent Marks, is a Vitro, a super-smart teen. As such, he has difficulty fitting in at school, and like any teen he has no clue what the opposite sex is thinking.

Soon, though, he has much bigger problems on his hands. A group of Vitros have released a killer virus maybe by accident, maybe on purpose and the news is calling it the start of a genocide of normal humans. The bullies at school who did not like Brent before, really do not like him now. In short order, he finds himself on the run for his life from not just the bullies but the US government as well.

Aside from a compelling storyline, Pariah also has the perfect artwork for this type of tale. Mainly inked in orange and blues, with background art that is loosely defined, the illustrations evoke a feeling of isolation, perfectly fitting with Brent's inner struggles. The story and art combine into a highly-engaging work that is a must read for YA sci-fi lovers.

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