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Yoko's Show-and-Tell    by Rosemary Wells order for
Yoko's Show-and-Tell
by Rosemary Wells
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

When Yoko's grandparents send her a special doll from Japan, the little kitten is thrilled. But trouble starts when she asks her mother if she can take the doll to school for show and tell. Yoko plans to use the delicate doll to explain to her class the significance of Girls' Day in Japan.

Although her mother tells Yoko that the doll may not be taken to school, she does so anyhow and disaster strikes. On the school bus some other children grab the doll and play catch with it. When the doll is badly damaged Yoko knows she is in trouble very big trouble!

When she tells her mother what happened, the kitten is afraid her mother won't love her any more. 'You have made a bad mistake, my little lotus flower, but I love you just as much as ever!' Yoko's mother says.

But now they have to take the doll to Dr. Kiroshura's doll hospital and hope he can do something to repair the damaged toy. Of course, the trick will be to have the doll back into pristine condition before Yoko's grandparents come for a visit.

A clever tale about family treasures and obeying one's parents, this story ends on a positive note fortunately, but there's a message here quite obviously. Any child who has ever disobeyed his or her parents will appreciate the look on little Yoko's face when she realizes what a mess she has got herself into!

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