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Pig Kahuna    by Jennifer Sattler order for
Pig Kahuna
by Jennifer Sattler
Order:  USA  Can
Bloomsbury, 2011 (2011)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

The story of a cute little pig name named Fergus and his diaper wearing little brother, Dink, this humorous picture book for children three years of age and older unfolds at the beach.

It is Saturday and the two piggies are beachcombing, collecting treasures. They find some really cool seaweed, a pebble that looks like an eyeball, and a shell that might really be an actual shark's tooth. Then, Fergus and Dink happen upon a real find a surfboard.

After waiting 'fifteen whole minutes' to see if anyone claims the board, the pair proclaim it their own. They name the board Dave and decorate it with the other treasures they uncovered.

Now you might think Fergus would want to take Dave and push out into the water to do a little surfing, but since Fergus doesn't like the 'lurking murky ickiness' that is hidden beneath the ocean's surface, he has no desire to test the waters.

But suddenly that all changes. When Fergus goes to get his little brother a 'chunky chocolate Chattanooga chew-chew chip' ice cream cone, Dink decides to launch Dave back into the ocean. The minute Fergus sees what has happened, he rushes into the water, without even thinking, to get Dave.

Oops! Guess who is now someplace he vowed to never go? But before you can say, 'Oink, Oink!', Fergus and Dave catch a wave and are hurtling towards shore.

'I surfed!' squealed Fergus. And, from that day on, the two brothers (and Dave) spent time offshore searching for more sunken treasure and, boy, did they find some!

I think your little kuhuna will love this seaside adventure that features two adorable pigs, a white surfboard and an unforgettable day at the beach. A tale of brotherhood and bravery, Pig Kahuna will quickly become a story time favorite.

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