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Man of Light: The Extraordinary Healing Life of Mauricio Panisset    by Kimberly Panisset Curcio order for
Man of Light
by Kimberly Panisset Curcio
Order:  USA  Can
SelectBooks, 2002
* *   Reviewed by Rosemary Taylor

Man of Light is a very interesting read - for the spiritually minded as well as those who are not. It is the story of Mauricio Panisset, a unique 'spiritual healer', who was born and spent most of his life in Brazil. There spiritual healing is as commonplace as is seeking healing from alternate sources (such as chiropractic medicine) in North America. Mauricio's healing powers apparently manifested though lights that appeared when he was around, and/or emanated directly from his body. For most of his adult life, he healed the spiritually and the physically ill.

His story is told in a warm, lighthearted manner, as seen through the eyes of his wife who clearly adored her husband, eventually worked with him, and who still continues his work through her spiritual center. The book does a great job of mixing the spiritual phenomena that encompassed their lives with a view into their very special personal relationship. The author shares with us many anecdotes from their family life, that remind us that all human beings, no matter their path, go through tough times, frustrations, uncertainties and fear, along with moments of great joy.

It is clear, without a doubt, that the love they shared together, as well as the joy his work brought them, greatly outweighed anything else. Kimberly recounts stories of Mauricio's experiences, beginning with the lights chasing him in a forest for the first time when he was just nine years old, to sitting on a hilltop waiting for lights and 'energy beings' to appear, to their last 'healing sessions'. It is all told in a very matter of fact way. You are able to realize the impact that the 'light energy' had on Mauricio as well as the other participants, but at the same time feel their humanness.

Mauricio was very well respected within the spiritual world and made many, many friends wherever he went. Apparently love emanated form his whole being and those who either saw or participated in his sessions had life changing experiences. He was also criticized by many; even some who had attended his sessions and saw the lights were still skeptical of his powers. The author explains that this did not bother him, as his healings had helped so many, and that was what he ultimately cared about. Man of Light is a delightful easy read, and certainly an eye opener to the 'cosmic world' unknown to most.

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