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Animals in the News    by Richard Crystal order for
Animals in the News
by Richard Crystal
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Theresa Ichino

This selection of 76 news photos shows animals in amusing or unusual situations, often teamed with humans. A cat appears to be confronting a belligerent-looking chicken, a chimpanzee is reading a newspaper, a frog is chinning itself on an alligator's jaw, a chatty-looking cockatoo is having a tNaNte-0-tNaNte with an interested-looking goat.

Nor are our best furry friends neglected. A table of dogs contemplates their meal, a cat sits in a toilet, a bespectacled dog appears to be reading the funnies with real appreciation, a trio of cats in a miniature coach seems to be waiting for the dog pulling the carriage to start. Particularly charming are photos of two chimpanzees holding tiny puppies, an adorably fluffy dog who obviously lost an argument with a hair-dryer, and a mouse peering out from one of the holes in a Swiss cheese. One of the most amusing is a sextet of astonished-looking meerkats.

Teaming animals with humans certainly provides drama and humour. This collection focuses on humour, of course. One of the most noteworthy is a photo of former U.S. president Richard Nixon patting the forehead of a lion. There are several featuring dogs and cats, as well as more exotic animals with humans, like a panda that seems to be taking a photo of a human child. The captions by Bill Marich and Rich Ross definitely provide the smiles. These two have come up with some hilarious comments, often satiric jabs at human behaviour.

It would have been interesting to know the original circumstances or headlines accompanying these photos. As it is, however, the focus is on entertainment rather than history or information. This collection provides a fun and easy way to while away some time.

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