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The Bedtime Book for Dogs    by Bruce Littlefield & Paul Heath order for
Bedtime Book for Dogs
by Bruce Littlefield
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2011 (2011)

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Here's a story that will appeal to not only children and dog owners - if you are in the habit or reading aloud to your canine buddy, he or she might like it too.

The good dog featured in this tale is very well behaved. One day he wanted to play, but his friend was busy. Since he was a very smart dog, as well as a very well behaved one, the dog fetched his leash and went out the door.

He carefully looked both ways when crossing the street and soon he arrived at the park. There he rolled in the grass and found a stick but couldn't locate anyone willing to throw it.

When the good dog spotted a squirrel, there was no one to share his discovery with and, alas, there was no one to say 'Good dog!' when he did his business behind a bush. This trip to the park was turning into a real bummer.

Without a friend to share it with, the good dog decided he'd return home. Naturally he again looked both ways when crossing the busy street and then he dashed back to his house.

'You're a good dog!' said the dog's friend by way of a greeting. He then gave the good dog a reward a doggy treat.

Paul Heath's simple illustrations help make this story of a dog's day out come alive in this very engaging book. Even if your dog may find this tale a little puzzling, your child will immediately get the point. It is really no fun playing alone!

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