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Outside Wonderland
by Lorna Jane Cook
Order:  USA  Can
Griffin, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Alice, Griffin, and Dinah Stenan lost their parents when they were young children. Their mother died from a fall in the kitchen pantry. Seven years later, while they were in Greece with their father, he died from a heart attack. They were raised by their loving grandmother, but all carried scars from the past. Now as adults, they are physically and emotionally distanced from each other. They keep in touch occasionally, but all lead very different lives.

Alice, the oldest, is a stage actress in New York City. She has had numerous relationships with men but cannot commit. She meets Ian, and falls for him, but suspects it is because his young son has captivated her. Griffin and his life partner Theo are happy until Theo insists they adopt a child. This throws Griffin into a panic and cracks begin to appear in their partnership. Dinah, the youngest, still lives with her grandmother even though she is thirty years old. She always strives to do the right thing, but while on a cruise she has a wild fling and finds herself pregnant and alone.

While the Stenan siblings are living their lives, their parents are looking down from their after life world. They are watching, worrying, and reminiscing, hoping their children find true happiness in life.
When Dinah decides to change her life because of her soon to be baby, the three siblings begin to reconnect with each other. They all have issues and the story centers on each one working through his or her obstacles.

Outside Wonderland is a well written, heartwarming story about the choices people make, where it leads them, and the struggles they face in the future.

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