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Dolphin's Discovery: Jumbo Jigsaw Storybook    by Mark Shulman & Lawrence Christmas order for
Dolphin's Discovery
by Mark Shulman
Order:  USA  Can
Charlesbridge, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

This large format activity book features not only big, bold colorful illustrations and an adventure story but also six large jigsaw puzzles of the featured sea creatures showcased in the narrative.

When Dolphin discovers an abandoned pirate ship floating in the sea her curiosity is piqued and she wants to explore inside the vessel. Unable to get on the ship, Dolphin is frustrated until whale comes along and offers to sink the old ship.

Now the ship is on the ocean floor, but it is too dark to see anything until Electric Eel offers to light the wreck. The three friends quickly discover the pirate's treasure chest, but the ship's mast is laying across it. They can't budge the chest until Sawfish swims up and saws through the mast, but there is still a problem. The chest is locked!

Now it is up to Walrus to use his mighty tusks to pry off the top, which he easily does. Crowding around the open chest the group sees something glittering inside but how will they get it all out? That's where the many arms of Octopus come in. With his long tentacles he divvies up the treasure and everyone gets some of the glittering gold jewelry.

At the bottom of each two page spread you'll find two questions that test your knowledge of what you have just read. For example, 'How many friends are gathered at the treasure chest?' or 'What did the Walrus break with his tusks?' Flip the flap and you'll find the correct answer.

This clever book works on a number of levels and is one that any child will enjoy reading as well as playing with. Since it does pose a choking hazard because of the puzzle pieces, don't let a child prone to placing things in his or her mouth use this book unsupervised.

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