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Spinning    by Michael Baron order for
by Michael Baron
Order:  USA  Can
Story Plant, 2011 (2011)
Softcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Dylan Hunter is twenty-nine years old, has a great job, good friends, and plenty of women who fall for his charm. Dylan is a spin doctor; he spins products, corporations, and even his own life, bending the truth where need be. He is a public relations executive climbing the corporate ladder, dedicated to his job, working long hours. After work he lives for the night life, bar hopping and pretty women, doing what he pleases with no commitments. Dylan cannot imagine himself tied down to one woman and raising a family.

One night Diane, a former lover from Chicago, arrives at Dylan's apartment in New York City with her three year old daughter Spring. She tells Dylan she wants to start over in a new city, and needs a place to live just until she gets on her feet. Dylan is glad to offer Diane the spare room, but is wary of her motives. Could Spring be his child? Diane puts his mind at ease and assures him he is not the father. Although he is not comfortable around children, Dylan is fascinated by Spring and finds her a cute, intelligent little girl.

It doesn't take long before Dylan is drawn into a routine with Diane and Spring. He begins to look forward to his evenings after work, eating together as a family, bath time, and reading Spring stories before bedtime. On his time off he takes them to the park and the zoo where Spring enjoys watching the ducks and other animals. Slowly Dylan realizes his world is beginning to change, and for the better. No longer does he want to hang out in bars, or chase other women. He finds he has feelings for Diane and he likes the feeling of stability they have brought into his life.

When tragedy strikes, Dylan's world is rocked. He now finds himself as Spring's guardian and he feels he is not up for the challenge. What does he know about raising a little girl, but how can he give her up? Dylan tries desperately to keep his world from crashing as he deals with his demanding job, caring for Spring, and the loss of Diane. He reflects back on his life before Spring and knows it was shallow and empty. Now Dylan must deal with parenthood, the issues of adopting a child, and keeping his life from spinning out of control.

Spinning is a heartwarming, emotional story about love, family, and what really matters in life.

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