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Good Night Little Bunny: A Changing-Picture Book    by Emily Hawkins & John Butler order for
Good Night Little Bunny
by Emily Hawkins
Order:  USA  Can
Templar, 2011 (2011)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

If you have a child who is afraid of the dark, this story about Little Bunny and his woodland friends may help assuage your little one's angst. Little Bunny is playing with his friend Dusty the squirrel when he realizes that it is getting dark. He sets off for home, worried a little bit about the lengthening shadows in the forest, when a 'shadowy figure' comes toward him.

Little Bunny is very scared until he realizes the figure is his friend, Freddie the fox. Freddie explains that there is nothing to be scared about when the sun goes down. In fact, for some animals that is when they come out. Soon some playful dormice join them and they also explain that they only come out when it is dark.

'If the little dormice aren't afraid, then I shouldn'ít be either,' thinks the Little Bunny.

The next day the bunny is playing with Daisy, a fawn, when the sun goes down. Daisy says, 'It's getting dark.'

'I'm not afraid of the dark anymore,' boasts the bunny, but then he hears a terrifying screech. Daisy runs away and Little Bunny is not so sure how brave he really is.

Fortunately, what he hears is only Olive the owl. She tells Little Bunny it is good he's not afraid of the dark, but he should not be out alone at night either. She then escorts him home.

Once back in his burrow with his parents, Little Bunny realizes that, 'The dark can be useful and fun, but it's also perfect for sleeping!'

This lift-the-flap book also allows the young reader to pull back a flap and completely change the picture on a given page. For example, gently open a flap and an illustration of Little Bunny and Daisy is transformed into Olive sitting on a tree branch, or turn the page and change the picture from Little Bunny and his mother sitting in a field to the whole family nestled in their burrow.

This added element makes this an even more enjoyable read. You'll probably discover that this is a novelty book your child will enjoy sharing with his or her friends and it will be one you'll want to keep in the family for years to come.

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