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Big Bird At Home    by Sesame Workshop & Ernie Kwiat order for
Big Bird At Home
by Sesame Workshop
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Brand new readers are invited to practice their new skills by reading about Big Bird and his friends as they participate in a number of home activities. In the first story, Big Bird Cleans, Abby helps Big Bird as he puts away some blocks and books, sweeps and mops the floor, dusts, and folds his blanket. Of course, when they are done the room is nice and tidy but Big Bird and Abby need a bath!

The next short story, Big Bird Shares a Snack, is about Abby and Big Bird preparing a meal that includes apples and muffins. When the table is ready, a knock at the door announces their special guest, The Count.

Big Bird the Artist finds Big Bird and Oscar drawing a picture together. They both contribute to the same canvas which features opposites. When Big Bird draws flowers, Oscar counters with garbage. Big Bird adds the sun on one side of the picture and Oscar places raindrops on the other. By the time they are finished, the two friends have created a very odd but interesting picture.

The last story, Big Bird and Grover Move, features the two Sesame Street characters moving various parts of their bodies. 'Grover shakes his head. Big Bird waves his wings. Grover kicks his leg. Big Bird wiggles his tail.' And so on it goes. What are they doing? Why dancing, of course!

These four stories feature simple vocabulary and sentence structure. It's an ideal way for a beginning reader to build his or her confidence, once this book is mastered there are over 15 other books in the Brand New Readers series to read and enjoy.

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