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Goofy Goes to the Doctor    by Susan Amerikaner & Loter order for
Goofy Goes to the Doctor
by Susan Amerikaner
Order:  USA  Can
Disney, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Part of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series, this latest adventure featuring Mickey and the gang finds Goofy having to visit the doctor for a medical checkup. Not too thrilled about the idea, Goofy has a pretty silly trick up his sleeve to avoid the visit.

Goofy pretends to be a magician and then he makes himself disappear, but Mickey finds him hiding in a barrel of apples. Next, Daisy Duck decides to play Dr. Daisy and use Mickey and Willie the Giant to demonstrate how a checkup isn't something to be afraid of.

Things get a little testy when Dr. Daisy pulls out the pointy thing that doctors use to give shots. 'Oh, no!' hollers Goofy. 'Don't come near me with that pointy thing! Besides, I'm not sick!'

Mickey saves the day, of course, by explaining what he does when he has to get a shot. The clever mouse explains how, in his mind, he makes the doctor disappear. 'I close my eyes and think about things that I like,' Mickey explains. 'Then I count them.'

Obviously, by the time they are finished, Goofy is ready for his trip to see the doctor and he is not afraid anymore. If your child is a little fearful about going to see the doctor, try reading this inexpensive picture book to him or her and see if this will help allay any trepidation the child has. My bet is, Mickey and the gang will help a lot!

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