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Tiny Little Fly    by Michael Rosen & Kevin Waldron order for
Tiny Little Fly
by Michael Rosen
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

'My, oh my,
Tiny Little Fly!
Tiny Little Fly
Sees great big toes ...
Tiny Little Fly
Sits on Elephant's nose.

Thus begins the adventure of the Tiny Little Fly that flits his way through this humorous picture book for youngster two years of age and up. After his visit to the elephant, the elusive insect teases a hippo and then a tiger. In each case, the large creature tries to catch the fly but to no avail. They tramp, crash, roll, squash, swat, swoop and snatch, but the fly eludes each attempt at capture.

The whimsical images used in this rhymed picture book provide a fly's eye view of the animals, so while one page may show just a foot or rear end, the following two page spread may focus on just the top portion of a large hippo or just part of the tiger.

An ideal read aloud book, the total package of a simple yet clever text with bold, big illustrations make this a volume that any youngster will enjoy over and over again.

Oh, do any of the animals catch the Tiny Little Fly? Well, let's just say they are about as successful as you are when a little fly comes buzzing around!

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