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Miles to Go    by Jamie Harper order for
Miles to Go
by Jamie Harper
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

My name is Miles and I love driving my little yellow car to school each day. Powered by my feet, my car can be driven on the sidewalk. My mom walks along to keep me company. We drop off some mail at the big blue mail box and, of course, I always stop at the traffic lights.

I have to be careful to not collide with other people on the sidewalk or with four wheelers like baby strollers. When I arrive at school my mom says good-bye and I park next to my friend Otto. He has a two-wheeler.

Like the other kids, Otto and I like to hang out together after class. But today I have to get my horn fixed. It doesn't work. Otto said that's no problem. He'll help me out.

Even though it isn't a hard job, it takes us most of the afternoon to fix my horn but, thank goodness, it now works. Beep! Beep! I'm back on track now and can honk to my friends, like the neighbor's dog and people on the sidewalk, to let them know I'm behind them.

So that's pretty much my story. If you are between the ages of three and six and love cars, come drive with me. You'll love the bright artwork that shows you what my car looks like and the route I take to school each day. 'Hop in and Beep! Beep! We are off!'

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