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Keeping Time    by Stacey McGlynn order for
Keeping Time
by Stacey McGlynn
Order:  USA  Can
Crown, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Daisy Phillips is a feisty, honest, seventy-seven year old widow living in Liverpool, England. Since her husband passed away, Daisy has been living on her own and her son Denis is concerned. He wants to sell the family home and move his mother into a retirement community, but Daisy enjoys her independence. She has gotten into a few predicaments but everything worked out okay for her. Now Daisy is under pressure with Denis watching her every move, and her good friend leaving for a vacation. Daisy has also just been informed that her volunteer services are no longer needed at the local library.

After Daisy's basement floods, she finds a watch which was given to her by a past love during World War II. Michael was a soldier from Brooklyn, New York and Daisy fell in love with him. They were to be married as soon as Michael returned for her, but his letters suddenly stopped and Daisy was heartbroken, not knowing whether he had died in the war or simply no longer loved her. Now Daisy makes up her mind that she will travel to the United States to see if she can find him.

Arriving at her relatives' home in New York, Daisy learns they also have issues to work out. Her second cousin Elisabeth is in a job she hates, and she fears her attorney husband is the notorious Dart Man, riding around the city on a bike shooting darts at women. Her teenage son Michael overwhelms her with his bad grades and attitude. However, when Daisy settles in, Michael is captivated by her stories of the war and starts to take more of an interest in his studies. Elisabeth and Michael team up with Daisy and head out on an adventure searching for Daisy's lost love. Daisy has decided to take a leap of faith and follow a new path in her life.

Keeping Time is a charming story about the power of friends, family and love.

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