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by Chandra Hoffman
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Harper, 2011 (2010)
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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Adoption is a business, just like almost any other. The bottom line is what counts. Apart from the business side, however, there can be compassion and caring and outright joy. Chosen by debut novelist Chandra Hoffman tells the story of one adoption agency and the workings behind the scenes that make life-changing and heart-fulfilling adoptions become reality.

Caseworker Chloe Pinter stays with prospective adoptive parents through the whole procedure including giving what support is needed for the birth parents. Needless to say, this does not always go the way it is set up to do. Human emotions prevail, minds are changed, and hopes are doused once again.

Chloe must do her best to address all issues and come to a happy conclusion. In this story, one birth couple is sure the agency is raking in money hand over fist and want their share. A baby is kidnapped and panic ensues.

Hoffman has been the director of a U.S. adoption program one of many of her varied positions. Based on the limited experience I have had with my daughter's two adoptions, I feel she speaks of what she knows. Adopting is a hard decision to make and one that takes true grit to stick to.

The joys, however, far outweigh the trauma. Whether you read this book because it has a very good plot with believable characters or because it's another in a stream of books on adoption, you'll come away feeling good about Chloe's life decision and the work she is doing.

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