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Bad Day's Work
by Nora McFarland
Order:  USA  Can
Touchstone, 2010 (2010)
Softcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Lily Hawkins is a TV news photographer in a new series by first time novelist Nora McFarland. At least, I hope it's a series. I would like to know Lily better. She's a hoot.

The last six months have been a disaster for Lily, who's on the verge of being fired for incompetence because she blew the chance she had for a real scoop by not having her camera set properly. If that were not bad enough, she keeps encountering police some of the encounters none too pleasant. Her black eye attests to that.

A young man is killed and it's beginning to look like he was involved in nefarious doings. As Lily plods on, she has more encounters she would rather have avoided. Wait 'til you meet her uncle Bud. Sounds a bit just a tiny bit like my oldest brother Joe!

I won't ruin the plot for you. I'll just say that it is a well-planned one that works. I almost had it figured out, but McFarland caught me unawares. Her characters are well fleshed out although Freddy and Teddy seem a little off the wall.

A Bad Day's Work is a fun read that leaves the reader wanting more of Lily and her escapades.

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