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Personal Demons
by Lisa Desrochers
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2010 (2010)
Softcover, CD, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

School heats up to near boiling point for Frannie Cavanaugh when 'Tall, dark, and sorta dangerous' Luc Cain becomes her English essay partner at Haden High. Turns out this new student is really an ancient demon. Luc works in Acquisitions and has been charged by his namesake (Lucifer himself) with tagging her soul for the infernal team.

Frannie - along with every other pubescent girl at Haden (including her best friends Taylor and Riley) - is still reeling from Luc's impact on her senses when 'Angel Boy' Gabe shows up. Subsequently both Luc and Gabe dog her every footstep, rivals for her attention ... and her soul.

Why is there both devilish and heavenly interest in Frannie? Not only does she have visions of the future, but it seems that she has the rare power to Sway others, a talent shared by both Moses and Hitler. And though Frannie's from a good Catholic family, she hasn't been tagged by Heaven yet. Her twin brother Matt's death years before left her a non-believer, carrying a heavy burden of guilt.

The story alternates between Luc's and Frannie's points of view, and very gradually Luc's mission to tag Frannie for the Abyss morphs into a need to save her from both sides, but especially from his own - a stand that makes him a demonic target. All the while, Gabe hovers protectively, struggling with his own (decidedly unangelic) feelings for Frannie.

Teens who've devoured the Twilight saga will eat up Personal Demons as well - it's an impressive start by debut author Lisa Desrochers.

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