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I'm not sleepy!    by Jonathan Allen order for
I'm not sleepy!
by Jonathan Allen
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

You may have read my other picture books in which I explain why I am not cute, scared or Santa. Well, I'm back again because I have to convince my mom and dad that I am not sleepy and don't need to go to bed.

I am an owl and, since I stay up all night, I'm supposed to go to bed when the sun comes up. No way! Why should I have to go to bed if I am NOT sleepy?

Sure, I may yawn a little and, occasionally, I do rest my eyes by closing them, but that does NOT mean I am sleepy. I don't know why Gray Squirrel, Mouse and even Woodpecker keep asking me if I am sleepy. I am NOT sleepy, so there!

Then my dad starts in with 'It's time you were in bed.' So I get grumpy and have to tell him that I am NOT sleepy and don't need to go to bed.

So what does he do? Dad totally ignores what I've just told him! He nestles me in his wings and begins reading me a bedtime story. How ridiculous is that? But, I snuggle down and listen anyhow and the next thing you know, I hear him say, 'Good night, Baby Owl.'

If you are two or older, I bet you'll appreciate exactly what I am trying to tell my parents. I bet you may sometimes have the same problem of not being sleepy when it gets close to bedtime. I bet there are times you also say, 'I'm not sleepy!'

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