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Pun Enchanted Evenings    by David R. Yale order for
Pun Enchanted Evenings
by David R. Yale
Order:  USA  Can
Healthy Relationship Press, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Can't get enough of puns, or simply enjoy sampling them from time to time? Then you'll be entertained by the 746 Original World Plays in David R. Yale's Pun Enchanted Evenings: A Treasury of Wit, Wisdom, Chuckles and Belly Laughs for Language Lovers.

In his Introduction, the author compares puns to direct mail, quotes a Journal of Sighcology study on responses to puns, and informs readers that all 746 here are Yale originals. They include a broad variety, from chucklers to serious groaners. I really liked, 'Why is writing a tweet like writing poetry?' - 'Because you have to get your words' worth!'

There's Forty-tude as 'a positive outlook on middle age'; a lie-brary as 'a collection of propaganda books'; or 'breeding rabbits' as hare-raising. And to 'What's the difference between a pre-schooler and a graduate student?', Yale answers 'One uses play dough and the other studies Plato!'

But you'll find your own favorites in Pun Enchanted Evenings, which ends with 'What do you need to publish an ebook of puns?' - 'The right eQuipment!' David Yale certainly is well eQuipped for the task he set himself.

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