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Journey Home
by Michael Baron
Order:  USA  Can
Story Plant, 2010 (2010)

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

The Journey Home is a beautiful, well written, story of love, family, and the ties that bind. Nicholas Sparks fans will love this heartwarming read.

Joseph wakes up in a home he doesn't recognize, surrounded by strangers. He can't remember what happened, where he was going, or who he is exactly. The strangers are all very kind, urging him to rest and relax. Joseph was found collapsed on the sidewalk, with no apparent injuries. The police were called, but no one was reported missing with his description. He is puzzled that he has no wallet or cell phone, but he has a roll of bills in his pocket. On leaving the house, a young teenager notices Joseph's confusion and offers him a ride. After Joseph explains his story to young Will, they head out on a road trip. Will feels something or someone will help jog Joseph's memory. Joseph has a feeling come over him that he has a wife somewhere waiting for his return.

Antoinette is an elderly woman living in an assisted living complex. Her husband passed away five years ago and Antoinette's health has deteriorated since then. She has withdrawn from family and friends, and wants to stay confined to her apartment. She loves to go to bed and dream of the days when she was a young wife and mother and her family was all together. She was a great entertainer and welcomed everyone into her home. Now she feels her mind is playing tricks on her as the past is so vivid but she cannot remember her last meal. Her son Warren visits her daily and urges her to socialize with the other seniors.

Warren has been struggling himself, going through a divorce, losing his job, and now dealing with his beloved mother's declining health. He tries to spark some interest in her and then remembers her love of cooking. He sets out to recreate some of his mother's favourite recipes and soon the complex fills with mouthwatering aromas. One of Antoinette's nurses, Jan, is touched that Warren is so devoted to his mother and would prepare these delicious meals for her. Before long Jan is joining them for lunches and Warren is once again looking towards a new future.

Joseph, Antoinette, and Warren are all looking for home. They come together in a beautiful, amazing connection that took me by surprise, and left me with a feeling of hope and faith in the unseen. The Journey Home is a story that will stay with you after you finish the last page.

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