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The Time Pirate: A Nick McIver Time Adventure    by Ted Bell order for
Time Pirate
by Ted Bell
Order:  USA  Can
Griffin, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Ted Bell's Nick of Time was an exciting romp through time and history that also examined what it takes to be a hero. It introduced brave twelve-year-old Nick McIver, his dog Jip, and his very clever six-year-old sister Kate. Nick and Kate live with their parents in a functional lighthouse on Greybeard Island, smallest of the lovely Channel Islands. The series is set during World War II, with a Nazi invasion of the islands imminent. World War I ace Angus McIver is one of a group that secretly spies on Nazi maritime activity, sending reports directly to Winston Churchill.

As The Time Pirate opens in 1940, Nick plans a surprise for his beloved dad. With the help of his good friend Gunner, spymaster Lord Hawke, and Commander Hobbes (a Royal Navy weapons designer), Nick refurbishes his dad's dillapidated old Sopwith Camel and prepares it for flight. He's rewarded with flying lessons, which he then exploits to spy on German shipping and bomb Messerschmitts on the Guernsey airfield after the Germans invade the island (with great civilian loss of life). Nick has to ditch in the ocean after that adventure, and to evade storm troopers who are anxious to capture the pilot who did so much damage.

While the Germans keep Nick busy, the other villains of the piece, Billy Blood and Snake Eye, come forward in time to kidnap Katie. They take her back with them to 1781 Port Royal, Jamaica, where Blood has gathered a huge pirate armada and plans to attack a French fleet on its way to relieve American forces at Yorktown. Blood leaves a message offering to exchange Katie for Nick's Tempus Machina, the only other time machine in existence. Blood is sure that with both in his possession, 'the whole world was within his reach.' Nick and Gunner time travel to Kate's rescue, foiling the bad guys with a clever ruse.

But having learned of Blood's plan to attack the French fleet - which would make the Americans lose the Revolutionary War and hence leave Britain with no ally against the Germans in the World Wars - Nick is faced with a quandary. If he interferes with Blood's plot against the Americans and French, he would also be acting as a traitor to England. What is the right thing to do? Nick makes his decision and heads back in time again. When it's all over, he knows 'He had done his duty.' The Time Pirate is another great read in an exciting series - don't miss it.

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