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Yucky Worms    by Vivian French & Jessica Ahlberg order for
Yucky Worms
by Vivian French
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Did you know that in most backyards there will be about fifteen worms in every square yard of soil? Or that worms breathe through their skins? And I bet you didn't realize that although a worm can regrow its tail if it is cut off, the worm will die if it is cut in half; it doesn't live on and wiggle off in two directions!

When you read this picture book about worms you'll discover these and a whole lot of other fascinating stuff about the lowly earthworm. The story opens when I am out in the garden with my grandmother. When granny dug up a slimy, slithery, wiggly worm, I yelled, 'Yuck! Throw it away!'

Grandma was horrified and replied, 'Throw it away? Would you throw away one of your friends?' She then began explaining why we should be nice to worms and why they are our friends. This is especially true if we have a garden.

By the time she finished I learned a lot of neat facts about how worms live underground, what they eat and what creatures like to eat them, and why they actually help plants grow better.

To illustrate all the interesting material about these lowly creatures, Jessica Ahlberg drew some pretty cool pictures and some of them are pretty funny too. Also keep an eye on my granny's cat to see what kinds of mischief he gets into.

By the time you finish this book I think you'll agree with my grandmother that worms are anything but yucky! Also, at the end of the book there's some information on how you can become a wormologist. There are even some experiments you can do out in the garden to learn more about worms.

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