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The Little Giant of Aberdeen County    by Tiffany Baker order for
Little Giant of Aberdeen County
by Tiffany Baker
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2010 (2009)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD

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* * *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Truly Plaice is a big girl. She was born big and her mother died in childbirth. From a young age Truly knew she was different from other children. She outgrew her baby clothes and outweighed her older sister shortly after birth. Her sister, Serena Jane, was a beautiful little girl, petite and pixie-like, a living doll. The two sisters were total opposites. When Truly started school the teacher called her a little giant.

The family lives in the small town of Aberdeen, in upstate New York. It is very isolated and the town is shrinking in size while Truly just keeps growing in size. She feels more comfortable in men's clothing and is soon bigger than most of the men in town. Truly finds friendship with Marcus (a brilliant student, small in stature) and Amelia, who is mute. Truly learns to live with people's stares and outright cruelty.

When their alcoholic father dies, Serena Jane and Truly are separated and taken in by different families. Serena Jane is raised by the preacher and his wife and treated like a princess. Truly lives with Amelia and her family on a farm, where she works in the fields and endures hardships. Before long, Serena Jane and Truly grow apart and Amelia becomes Truly's family.

Serena Jane marries Robert Morgan, son of the town doctor, after he does the unthinkable to win her over. The Morgan men date back to the Civil War when a Morgan married Tabitha Dyerson, whose legacy includes witchcraft for healing. She has left behind a handmade quilt which holds a secret if anyone can translate it. Robert and Serena Jane move to Buffalo and raise their son, only to return years later and take over the Morgan practice out of the family home.

Truly is reunited with Serena Jane and finally gets to meet her nephew Bobbie. She fears something is not right with her sister. When Serena Jane disappears, Truly moves in with Robert Morgan to help raise her nephew. Shortly afterwards, Truly discovers why the doctor wanted her in his home. As Truly continues to grow in size she finds the handmade quilt belonging to Tabitha Dyerson and begins to translate its design, and experiment with her findings. Her life is ruled by Dr. Morgan, but when Truly uncovers his lies and deceit, she takes it upon herself to extract revenge with the knowledge from the handmade quilt.

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County is a quirky story about family, told with a hint of magic. It is a remarkable read that you will not forget.

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